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Insane Woke Preacher Insists Jesus Was Transgender

This is insane stuff by a weak minded preacher. Matt Walsh brings up a great point here. Many people…wait…not many people…some crazy woke people say their children are trans because their boy likes to play with dolls or their daughter… Continue Reading →

Klavan: God is Being Deleted from our Culture

This is pretty great from a Hollywood writer turned Christian.

One Important Thing I Noticed About Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Trailer.

The production values look great. It looks solid. The Galadriel voiceover might have been a mistake just because Cate Blanchett’s voiceover at the beginning of the movies was so iconic. But they do it well. The important thing to me… Continue Reading →

CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Unvaxxed as Idiots. Says Gov’t Must Act “For the Greater Good.”

If anyone were watching CNN or even knew who Don Lemon was, this would be worrisome. You know how they always say that you can say whatever you want but you can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater. Well,… Continue Reading →

Pandemic to Endemic. An Analogy

A pandemic is defined as a disease that is spreading exponentially out of control. It’s exploding, growing, and nothing is at it was. Everybody’s worried. Things are completely out of control. That’s like when you first have babies. And then… Continue Reading →

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

I just couldn’t resist sharing this. Comeuppance. This guy literally went out of his way to trash talk a moose. Play stupid games… — natureismetal (@NIMactual) January 17, 2022

Newsweek Declares Unvaxxed Priests are Not Christian

I don’t often seek theological advice but when I do I read Newsweek. This is sort of a good news/bad news thing to me. I thought Newsweek had gone out of business about a decade ago. The bad news is… Continue Reading →

Us vs. Them

When Christianity is tossed aside. When we play this game of cultural Jenga to its inevitable conclusion we will find ourselves alone in a materialist universe. When there is just material in a godless universe then it’s just people grabbing… Continue Reading →

Who Else is “Below My Line?”

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of the owner of the Golden State Warriors saying he doesn’t care about the Uyghurs in China who have been brutally enslaved and are being killed. He said “of all the things I… Continue Reading →

Could This Be Real? Sub Teacher Fired for Not Meowing Back at Student Who Identifies as Feline?

The fact that I don’t know if this is real tells you how far we’ve descended into this maelstrom of madness. Sadly, if I had to bet I’d say it was real.

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