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Actual headline and story from Slate: “Pfizer Snobs Are Wrong. Johnson & Johnson Is the Coolest Vaccine.”

And in case you thought I must be making it up, here’s the link and the pic they used in the piece. Here’s the story: Social media is rife with vaccine braggarts claiming allegiance to #TeamPfizer or the #ModernaGang. You’d… Continue Reading →

Fertility rate—average number of babies a woman will have over her lifetime—fell to 1.64, lowest since government began tracking it in 1930s

This is a disaster. And this was during a quarantine year. What the heck were the rest of you doing. Guys, Netflix and chill is not supposed to be about Netflix. I thought y’all knew that. U.S. women had 3.61… Continue Reading →

White House, DOJ Strategize to Overturn States Ban on Boys Playing on Girls Sports Teams

Here we go. The Daily Beast: “The Biden administration is preparing to directly confront the rash of anti-LGBT, and specifically anti-trans bills proliferating in state legislatures, according to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the country’s leading LGBTQ advocacy organization. Separately,… Continue Reading →

Tell Me Again How It’s Not a Religion

And yeah, even the Vatican Conference has this as its poster. So yeah, it’s a religion. And its members are gearing up for their own inquisition. Be ready. Pray.

Dracula, Count Dooku, and Saruman Actor Warned People to Stay Away from the Occult.

The late great actor Christopher Lee who was famous for his villainous roles but the self-described Anglo-Catholic warned people to steer clear of the occult. “You’ll not only lose your mind, but you’ll lose your soul.”

Not a Chance that the Bishops Deny Pro-Abort Pols Communion. Not a Chance.

U.S. Catholic bishops will be meeting next month and deciding on whether they’re going to send a tough message to the “Very Catholic” Joe Biden by saying that Catholic politicians who advocate for legality of abortion shouldn’t present themselves for… Continue Reading →

I Wonder If Kamala Called Him


Yale Prof says Christian homeschooling is ‘vector of white Christian nationalism’

A Yale University professor said that Christian homeschooling is often “a major vector of White Christian Nationalism.” I guess he forgot that Eli Yale was a slaveholder and that Yale University refuses to change its name because its name equals… Continue Reading →

Hilarious. Jeopardy Champ Accused of White Power Symbol

This is seriously the stupidest thing I’ve ever written about. And I’ve written about my kids so that’s really saying something. A group of 467 alleged former Jeopardy! participants issued an open letter on Medium Wednesday, demanding an apology from… Continue Reading →

Video of the day! Dr. Fauci’s 1st Pitch vs. Sister Mary’s. Hahahahaha!!!!

I could watch this all day!!! Hahahahaahahaha. Come on now, if you’re picking a team, who would you pick?

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